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The Breathing Practice: 10 things you should do and and should not do

It is very common that you would listen to breathing practice when you want to learn about singing. It is one of the training that you should undergo if you do not know about it yet and you do not have practice. If you do not know how to control your breath then it can be difficult. It is like pressing piano keys but not creating a good melody because of the timing in each key. That is why you should learn the things about breathing.

There are things that you should do so that you can learn the proper way of breathing. You will know its importance when you experience singing a song then you cannot continue because you are out of breath. Songs have different beat that is why there are the ones who are fast and ones that require you a good amount of breath. That is why follow the things you should do in the infographic above. Practice them regularly so you could get used to it.

Then moving on to the things that you should not do. When you practice you should practice it right so that you can master it. If you keep on practicing but not on the right way then you are just wasting your time. That is why you should follow the tips on what are the things you should not do. It seems it is a long list but they are basic and you can follow them easily.

The interesting timeline of the evolution of disc jockeys (1909-2010s)

in the world of music, there are the disc jockeys who are very popular as they are the ones who are responsible for the music that keeps the party going. The disc jockeys can be very popular if they know how to catch the attention of the audience and know what songs or melodies to play. As music has different genres it is helpful if you know your audience. At that point, you can choose songs for them to please them. Thankfully most of the time the audience are the same.

You can see the evolution presented and it is the history of the disc jockey. From the humble beginnings, they are in demand in this time if they can catch people attention and know what they like. As what people are looking for is the one that they will please them so you must fulfill that need. It is like you have to give them the right food they want or they will not eat and that is hard.

You can now also read in here the different techniques that were invented through the ages that disc jockeys do so that the music produced is more interesting and people like it more. They do not want the boring ones but they like the versions that have challenges and like a unique twists or character to it. That is why they can like the loud music or the very loud instruments that are being played like the electric guitars.

Music that alters our brains waves

What makes your brain affected? This is due to the changing of your brain chemistry.  Researchers has shown that brain waves resonates with the beat of music and that makes your breathing your heart beat actually try to match the beat of the song. Now humans and song birds the only two kinds of animals on earth that this happens too. Which means on some fundamental level we are wired to response to music now this works in a lot of weird ways . It’s been shown that when we listen to pleasant music boosts your serotonin which is the brain chemical responsible for good feelings and regular bowel movements (so double score) .

Processing music is another thing that all humans do while doing their work or any stuff. This is because there is the effect of pleasant sound to the work of a human. In fact, those who listen to music while they are working are more motivated than those who are not. This means that there is the effect of music wave to the brain of a person. Of course, we do not hear to music all the time but somehow, this makes us emotional.

Since there is a connection of the hypothalamus to the ears, there is really the sweetness of the sound that is stored in the brain. Actually, the brain has a huge space for long term memory and this makes sense since we do not forget ideas that were added on since we were younger. This means it is the natural reaction of the brain to choose what is good music  or not.

Bit of the downsides of listening to music

Music has been part of mankind. Ever since we, humans have played music from our ancestors to this very time. It has given us a collection of art, joy and even happiness. Though we can as much benefit from music there are also down sides. Read below paragraph to understand.

There are also down sides when we listen to music. Sounds that are at a volume of 95 decibels actually reduces your mental  and physical reactions  times by 20 percent. Music with low esteem also causes some of depression and anxiety which is led to death for people who have mental disease. Music also can create war if it is taken into streets between foes(dissention).

Of course, at a higher frequency it can also affect our hearing that can lose our hearing capability. What we can understand here is all these things that are happening are at the physical level and it is affecting our brain chemistry and body functions but we don’t know why exactly.

Music theraphy is a field  of study that popped  up recently  to research and document these connection and tons of others. Including music  as a pain killer and as a possible way to kick addiction . Some of it seems  a lttle spacy flacky maybe but no one can’t deny  that the connection is there. But at the end of the day, we can understand that all are controllable and are subject to levels and precautionary.Just be cautious and aware of the music that we are listening because sometimes it affects our mood.

An analysis of the Beatles: Who wrote most of their songs?

They are the band who revolutionized music and they are the band that cannot be forgotten. Their influence and impact will be known and will be felt even if the succeeding years will come. As they have stood on what they have believed in before and they have introduced the kind of music that is not acceptable at that present time they became a legend of the music industry. Even if there are many bands that became popular but no one can beat them up.

When we saw the infographic we all agreed that this is very good for people to know them also in more detail. Others just know them but they did not know the ability of each of the members. they do not know who wrote the songs and what are the songs that became their greatest hits. Others just know two of them and no more. So today it is a very good time that you have known a band that deserves to have space in your knowledge.

One point of analysis is that the main theme or topic of their songs. the main and top topic is about love. Every one of us can have something to say about this thing and now we can be able to listen to many songs that revolve around that topic. If you were given time to enumerate then it is hard because of the big number. You would be tired doing it and you might just sing one.

The dancing style trends evolution from the 1970s to 2000s

Dancing is really good and many people make it as their hobby or the others their profession. You can see dancers who are needed for the singer or performers in concert or in other events. Dancers are being hired and so they learn routines that they would perform. There are dancers who are also in a group and they perform wherever they can. Dance has also its own kinds and its evolution can be interesting. We can know about the dance evolution in the infographic below.

You may remember the dances in the infographics in the videos that you have watched or in the movies. As movies about dance and dancers have also been made and are available worldwide you may already watch many movies like that. The music albums are also sold worldwide most of the time so you can watch overseas singers and see how they dance also. You can see same dancers who have grown and have changes their style of dancing like changing their set of clothes.

You can also see in the infographic the titles of the songs that were very popular for dancing. In each age or style, you can be able to see the titles so you can search them and listen to them if you have not and if you want to reminisce them. If you also do not know the dance styles then you can be able to see some of it on the internet that contains everything.

The 6 important tips on choosing the right song to sing

You can watch in the talent competition that people or singers choose their own songs that they can perform for the judges. You can see sometimes that a judge can stop the person from singing and then ask them to sing a new song. That is because they think it is not the right kind of song for them. That is why you also need to choose a song in accordance with a standard so that you would not be lost and that your singing ability could be shown.

There are singers who really can be emotional when they are singing a certain kind of songs like a song dedicated to a friend or a parent. They want to express what they feel through the songs they sing and so the audience can also feel them and feel emotional while the song is being sung. Even judges can be moved if it is a competition.

That is why you should be ready all the time and be prepared. If you are singing in public then you should know your audience so you can prepare a song that is appropriate for them. Preparation is very important as you have to impress your audience through your song whatever the genre it is. If you put into practice the six tips above then you can feel confident while you perform not worrying about many things. You should understand your voice range and the song so you will be comfortable and the audience will not feel awkward.

Musicians and exercise: The 10 recommended fitness exercise for musicians

It may not sound good the first time when you will combine music and exercise but it has gone together well for a long time. There are many people who listen to music while they are doing their exercise routines. Even the persons who are jogging listens to music while on their way. Like this the combination of music and exercise is great. But what about the exercises that are recommended for the musicians? Can there be specific recommendations that they can do?

The answer to the last question is in the infographic. There are ten kinds of exercises that musicians can do. They can be for the short period of time. Even the simple stretching is important, especially that a musician should be active just like others to be able to perform well. That is why taking care of the body is very important. It is not just the brain that you should take good care very well but also the one who can walk or used to dance.

Everything should be okay so a balance should be created. That is why maintaining your health and also maintain the training you need and practice for the performance that would come to you. Others see exercise as a waste of time because they seem to be very busy waking up early in the morning and then sleeping very late in the evening. That is why there is the exercise that you can just do wherever you are so no excuse.

Learning how to sing 102: The music genres and singing style guide

This topic is considered basic to some as it is better you would know this before you could proceed. This is the part two of a series that we will do on this website. You can find the articles if you will browse about the first part of the series. This is the second one and we will see about the different genres of music and also the singing styles. This is because you also have to find what singing style you will have.

You should also know the music genre you will focus first. That is why it is better if you understand them so that you can have an example. It is already proven that one who has a great adviser or teacher in his life could succeed well in his life and career just like the famous warrior in the history of the world who have known what would he do in his life. He conquered the vast land area of the world and became very powerful.

You might want to search who is that if you do not know him. Anyway, our point is that if you are starting then find someone who can teach you. It is the same with us that we ask the help of those in the industry ahead of us what could we do to be successful in this career and they had given us great tips that we would later share also to you.

Learning how to sing 101: The key points of vocal practice

Even if there are many things that are written about how to sing still there are many who do not have the opportunity to be able to read and that is why we also want to write an article about it as we want to spread more and more about music. Music is very diverse and so we also want to contribute to it as we also are into the electric music and we are getting very good in it. Here is your guide to singing.

We compose much music but we are not much of the singers but we have encountered questions of how to sing well. The tips are so much valued by those who want to learn to sing and one of the basics is that you should learn the process of vocalization. If you master this one you can be able to have control over your voice. You can hear in music competitions that they praise singers who have a control over their voice and you can also.

It is already written that the key to it is to practice regularly and that you should not give up easily. You should understand how important it is so that you could be able to not give up practicing. For others, they can go to the voice coaches to improve on their singing and to pursue a singing career. But if you cannot then follow the guide above and practice regularly so that you would not lose the confidence.