Music in History

In the early 70 American culture was right for igniting a pop music revolution. There was a rise of liberal programming on the air waves the number of black radio station was was growing and inner city minorities was buying more and more records.The women’s lib movement was empowering women with a new found sense of independence and it turn influencing so much of popular music.

Without rages fled the gay liberation movement was calling the fringes of mainstream society and hoping to define a new musical styles and introspective singer song writer fare was leveled to make room for big beat party time sound, during the Vietnam war. People weren’t going out that at night as much. They were much more serious minded. Disco had come from Europe where it could be very very big in the early 70’s. It came to America as another coming sort of thing of another music form but then it evolved into dance music.

The European idea of discotheque which meant literally a record library profoundly impacted an American underground scene brewing in new York city in the early 1970’s. The gay community was becoming more organized and a part of the organization was you know having these hot clubs underground hot clubs and having DJ’s play music in those clubs to keep them going but they could get you on the dance floor. The roots of Disco were in Motown, by the end of 60’s artist like James brown and slide the family stone helped established. An Identity for an exciting musical form built on a rock steady groove