The start of electronic dance

The history of electronic dance can get its date back from 1970s when it was first heard with monotonous sound the first EDM sound came from the sound track  Kluster (Experimental Krautrock). It was seen to develop each year and many started to get into the beat but it wasn’t yet appreciated to how it is today. 40 years later and the development of technology and electronics made a newer impact to how it is being played today.

Some people call this the techno music but some beg to differ to that Idea.

The history of this music can be dated back in 1910 where two nations got the technology namely Japan and Germany. EDM music main agenda is to get on their Motto which is PLUR meaning Peace, love, unity and respect.

This genre use to be only one but have seen sub genre when it had house, minimal, electro dub in disco. America was introduced to EDM  in a Chicago Club in 1970 by the name of wareshouse where a DJ name Frankie Knuckles first brought disco to America and  started the disco club dance epidemic . While the music seems to be catch and fun to many. Still many saw it and understood it as a music for rebellios group.

The modern day impact and future impact of the genre is  very strong there’s no denying the impact  and the rise in EDM and what it has left in  the economy and the music business as a whole. Every year  there are major festivals across the Americas just to play this beats.

Amazing EDM!